Simply Wicca by Leanna Greenway


“A Magical Journey”

A good introduction for the beginner to Wicca and Wiccan magic. Leanna covers the various topics in comprehensive bite size pieces so that you get the feeling that you are almost a witch already! Included are Love spells, Health spells, herbs and tarot, children and family spells and more.

I found the addition of ‘Magnetic Magic’ especially interesting, as this is not usually covered in Wiccan books, at least not those that I have personally read. The layout of the book is very easy to read with its wide margins.  You get the feeling that this book was truly a ‘labour of love’. Many of the pages have beautifully illustrated backgrounds.

This adds to the charm of the book and you feel that you are on your own magical journey as you thumb the pages for the next exciting piece of Wiccan information that takes you on your journey to being the magical witch you may be longing to be.