Second Glance Book by Jodi Picoult


Second Glance by Jodi Picoult may not be a recent novel, but it’s one I just finished and surprisingly enjoyed. When I started reading it, there were many more characters than usual and it was a flash between past and present.

But it hooked me quickly and I was anxiously awaiting the next chapter each time I had to walk away for those annoying things like work and sleep.

I love that Picoult combined a paranormal theme with history and morality issues. It sounds like “too much” but in mixing the storylines together, she developed a rich accounting of some things that really happened in our past, and some that have only happened to a few people, depending on what you choose to believe.

There have been 1-2 Picoult books where I was disappointed to predict the ending ahead of time, even though the books themselves were good reads. But most of the time, she tosses a wrench into my expectations and I wind up totally wrong – and that’s a good thing!

In Second Glance, you discover a hodge podge of characters – some likable, some sort of seedy, and some pathetic where you just want to shake some sense into them (they make for good characters because they get you flustered). I remember getting more than halfway through the book before it dawned on me that I knew who Ruby was from earlier in the book! LOL! I love when that happens.

It’s the story of a shocking past that really occurred in Vermont, where a young woman (Cecelia) was married to a reputable, if unlikable slightly older man named Spencer. I never could put my finger on their marriage – Picoult painted such a true picture of marriage – some good, some bad.

There are tragic deaths, questions on the limits of morality, and bravery of which we’re not often exposed to in real life. My favorite character would have to be Gray Wolf. I’ve always loved the Indian people. My own heritage is that of Commanche Indians.

I know this may sound silly, but part of my favorite portion of Picoult’s books are the last few pages – not the ending of the story, but the “Conversation with Jodi Picoult” section. I have zero talent for fiction writing – I write nonfiction for a living. But reading those sections always helps me get a better understanding of HOW and WHY the book I just read and loved came together the way it did.

Second Glance by Jodi Picoult is definitely 5 stars and very much worthy of your investment of both time and money.