Logo’s Run Book 2 Part 2


This novel picks up where ‘Runner’ leaves off, and refers back to events in the first book to give the storyline continuity. It is very effective and allows the reader to stay current with the events and not have to try and figure out who did what, when, and where.

With that in mind, the storyline itself progressed at a steady pace, interrupted only by the editing errors that cropped up a little too often – though not as often as in ‘Runner’. As great an author as Mr. Dietz is, we found it surprising that both books of this series had the kind of errors that these did. We have reviewed other works of Mr. Dietz, and the level of errors is negligible.

Dietz handles the relationship between the two primary characters, Lonni and Jak, very discreetly, He doesn’t go into such detail as to make you feel like you’re reading a romance novel, as some authors do

Dietz also supplies a visionary representation of the characters and the environments that they interact with.

The book is very good, and well worth the time you would spend reading it, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. We found that even some of the minor characters were described in enough detail to give them a life of their own, as well.


The author chooses to handle the romance between Lonni and Jak with tact and discretion, not forcing the reader to endure romantic content not needed in such a smoothly written and well-paced novel.

The technologies that are used are described fairly well, and since the reader is assured regularly that this is in the future, it is not hard to imagine that the ability to understand the technology has been lost over time.

The storyline builds on the strong bonds of friendship throughout, and makes you think about how well friends can perform when working together towards a common goal.


A big deal is made about the radiation that is emitted from the generator that powers the Gates, but not about how the Technos that support and guard the facility are protected from that radiation, or how they manage to survive when others are sickened and die.

Several of the readers in this office had the same curious question about the relationship between Lonni and Jak. With all of their extracurricular activities, why didn’t she become pregnant? There was no reference to any form of prevention or consequences, but it was made clear that they had a need for some sort of neutralization technique.

The editing in the novel was adequate, but there were several instances of improper grammar, poor spelling, and random words, very similar to the previous novel in the series, ‘Runner’. The good news is that there were far fewer errors contained in this book, but there is certainly an editing issue within the Penguin Group that may need to be reviewed a little more closely. The errors do stall the flow of the storyline from time to time and are very distracting.