Logo’s Run Book 2 Part 1


Plot Summary:

Lonni Norr is being hunted by a sect of people bent on restoring technology to the galaxy. They are after her because she has Logos – a sentient computer that has the ability to restore and control a galaxy-wide Stargate transportation system. Her trek is centered on ensuring that Logos arrives at a remote world where ‘Socket’ is located. Then Logos can combine with Socket to begin the process of restoration.

Lonni is traveling with Jak, Rebo and Bo Hoggles, two friends that she joined up with near the beginning of her long journey on the Planet Anafa. She’s being escorted to her destination because the Techno-Society wants to stop her and take Logos from her care. This is due to the idea that whoever controls Logos as it is thought controls the newly resurrected Gate system.

Jak guards Lonni as much from passion as to keep a promise he made. As they clash with a new fanatical faction of humanity bent on eliminating all vestiges of technology, they must make their way through them and the machine creations of the Technos to complete their quest.

Jak is a Runner, with connections on a nearly every planet that help him with information since Runners are, after all, messengers. As the threesome travels from planet to planet, they find out that there is a second computer capable of restarting the Gates. The problem is they also learn that one of the two computers is actually planning on controlling the galaxy, but which one?


Jak Rebo has spent years of his life running messages between planets for those that could afford it, and he is well connected through the Runner’s Guild on nearly every planet.

He met up with Lonni Norr back on Anafa, and together they have traveled since then to where they have committed themselves to transporting a sentient computer named ‘Logos’ to a distant planet where he can interface with another computer system named ‘Socket’. That would allow the restoration of a galaxy-wide Stargate Transportation network which permits nearly instantaneous travel between distant planets.

The Techno-Society has an allegiance with assassins and is willing to do whatever it takes to recover Logos from Lonni and her friends – even if that means killing innocent people or their own operatives.

Lonni is a variant, a genetically modified subset of humanity, bred for certain abilities; hers is sensitivity. She is able to communicate with the ‘spirit’ of people that have passed into the next world before they are reincarnated into their next life. One of those beings has been helping to guide them along the path towards their destination; that dead scientist is the one that created Logos and the Gate Systems many centuries ago.

Unknown to the travelers, the Technos have infiltrated their trio with a beautiful assassin that was ‘rescued’ from a Techno facility as they used the working Stargate to escape to the next planet on their way to Socket. Her goal is to capture Logos, and eliminate the others.

When Jak and his friends arrive on a planet overrun with anti-technic zealots, they’re captured and staked out on crosses on a small hill overlooking a small town. They are called ‘blasphemers’ and their journey is coming to an end.

The Technos are there on the same planet right on their heels. But who will get to the strung up trio first; the assassin, the Technos, or the local peasants…?